Synergy Services

Personnel Recruitment

Recruitment of Permanent Placements:

Along with a variety of services we provide, Synergy Human Resources has a strong foundation in the local market, recruiting for positions from Administrative through to Management. This includes experienced and seasoned Sales Reps with proven track records.  Our database grows daily and we have successfully placed hundreds of candidate within the FMCG, Office Automation, Retail, Hospitality and Motor Industries to name a few.

As  National and International Recruiters,  Synergy Human Resources also recruits staff in the following sectors

Mining Recruitment

  • Mining Foreman
  • Mining Engineers
  • Heavy Machine Operators

Mining Security Recruitment

  • Security Project Managers
  • Security Personnel

Mining Equipment Industry

  • Sales Managers
  • Product Mangers
  • Business Development Managers
  • Sales Representatives

Building / Construction Recruitment

  • Contract Managers
  • Building Foreman
  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Building Engineers
  • Administrators

Synergy Recruitment Process – Permanent Staff

Client consultation to establish:

  • Purpose of position
  • Principle accountabilities
  • Job content Relationships – Peers/Supervisors
  • Knowledge/Skills required
  • Job Challenges/ Succession
  • Specific screening / Testing as required by Client

Candidate search process:

  • Database / On-line applicants
  • Websites

Advertising process:

  • Research channels for advertising
  • Placing advertisement
  • Advertising media include:  Local / National / International press publications / Websites

Screening Process:

Screen response from various advertising channels to identify suitable candidates:

Set up interviews to evaluate:

  • Qualifications / Skills
  • Person spec

Background checks:

  • Specific to job requirement
  • ID Verification to eliminate the risk of illegal immigrants
  • Criminal Checks
  • ITC
  • Qualification verification
  • Drivers license / endorsement status

Candidate Presentation:

  • Short listed candidates

Set-up Interviews with Client:

  • Arrange interviews between Client and Candidate/s,  prepare Candidate for interview


  • Feedback from Client and Candidate/s after interview,  arrange additional interviews as required.  Decline candidates as instructed by Client.

Final Process:

  • Extend offer of Employment
  • Negotiate and assist to secure positive result
  • Follow up and advise both Client and Candidate through entire process up to starting date

Regular Feedback:

  • Contact both Client and Candidate on a regular basis to follow up on progress


  1. Please understand that handing your CV to Synergy HR does not GUARANTEE you of finding work.
  2. A Synergy Consultant will ONLY contact you if and when they receive a job specification from a client that matches your skills.
  3.  Please remain PRO-ACTIVE in finding work for yourself through all the mediums available to you i.e. Internet, career sections in the newspapers etc
  4.  Please stay in touch with our office via email or telephone to give us regular updates on your professional progress and movements.
  5. Your CV is active on our employment seeking database for a period of 3 (three) months, thereafter please register with us again.